[tomato] Tomatos suddenly dying! HELP!

Sherry Granville (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 10:27:52 -0230

I am growing tomatos in a greenhouse in beds filled with compost and 
sand. Suddenly, plants in some beds have started to get a brown or rusty 
cast to them and the leaf tips and margins are dying (brown and crispy). 
The very top of the plant is unaffected (yet). There is no yellowing 
whatsoever of the affected leaves except on the very bottom two leaves 
(these did not exhibit the discoloration and dead areas- not 
significant?). These are growing in a mix of compost and sand and 
fertilized with a fish meal and kelp solution. They were doing great 
until just a few days ago! I hope that it is not a disease- it would 
mean a substantial loss in these experimental trials. Could it be 
some kind of salt overload? Thank you in advance for your replies.