[tomato] Dr. Bargyla Rateaver: message for Doreen Howard

Mark Goswitz (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 08:34:22 -0500

Hello Ms. Howard,

My name is Victoria Rain, and Dr. Rateaver called me this morning.  Her
computer is still down, and she told me you and Jeanette Wintermute were
to visit her home first or second week in August, in San Diego. 
Apparantly, her garden is currently under complete reconstruction, and
she felt there was nothing to look at.  Her message to you and Ms.
Wintermute is for you to give her a call sooner than expected.  I image
at that time she will explain her dilemna!  She was very concerned that
you do not come to look at an empty garden.  Will you let me know if you
get this message, by either calling me: (972) 317-2335 (Dallas, TX) or
by emailing me at: animaux@ix.netcom.com

I searched for you by name on Alta Vista, and much to my surprise, found
this very interesting exchange about mycorrhizal fungi!  How
interesting!  I do know Don Chapman, I assume you do too.  He is at

Well, please let me know that you received this, and if you would, get
the same message to Jeanette Wintermute (sp?).

Thank you,