Re: [tomato] Solar Set

Margaret Lauterbach (
Thu, 08 Oct 1998 07:04:02 -0600

At 09:21 PM 10/4/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Thought I'd let all know of the fabulous success I had with Solar Set. I
>got it because I read it was hybridized by the University of Miami and
>since El Nino had made Michigan very hot this year I figured it was a good
>bet.  I never had any full sized tomato so prolific.  It produced early and
>often and is still going strong even though it was 38 one night.  I think
>one plant would be enough for a family of 6.  It is super market size and
>slightly pointed at the end, fire engine red, firm, juicy, and has true
>tomato flavor.  I also grew German Pink and Hungarian which love heat and
>was rewarded with the hugest I've ever seen, but to my taste, not as firm
>and the flavor was not as good. Those of you who like heirlooms would
>probably love them, but I've found Brandywine, Pruden's Purple, Belgian
>Giant, too soft and with a taste that to me seem like it is about to turn
>into garbage.  That doesn't apply just to heirlooms as I had the same
>experience with Husky Gold and Viva Italia.  And while I'm at it, Miracle
>Sweet was extremely prolific and had good taste and texture without a tough
>skin, was rosy red, and soft ball sized.  Anyone else want to give review
>on their successes and failures this summer? Marlynn Marcks zone 6 normally
>but this year was hotter         

I grew 59 heirlooms and one hybrid cherry tomato this year.  If I want
cannonballs, I can always buy them at the supermarket.  I just don't eat
fresh tomatoes if I can't get them out of my garden.  I am growing a couple
in the greenhouse this year, so I may have fresh tomatoes off season.