Part 2 of [tomato] Solar Set

ChuckWyatt/Md/Z7 (
Thu, 8 Oct 1998 18:06:21 -0400

I have tried almost all of the modern Hybrids and found them sorely
lacking. This year I fell victim of the hype that surrounded "4th of July"
and suffered my usual disappointment with new varieties.  There was
considerable effort given to making tomatoes harder when ripe, although I
can't see why except for making them more adaptable for shipping.  I have
repeated the advantages of the heirlooms on this conference line enough to
suspect that Marlynn Marcks has just  tried to mix things up.

This year I grew 114 heirloom or open pollinated varieties with about a 90%
successful result.  By successful I mean fruit that far surpasses the
hybrids.  There were a few "bummers" but those are often attributable to a
lack of adaptation which clears up in a year or two.

I will, once more try, your Solar Set although I expect to find just
another waste of garden space. 

Good gardening to all,

Chuck Wyatt