Re: [tomato] Difference of opinion

Margaret Lauterbach (
Sun, 11 Oct 1998 08:01:19 -0600

At 04:54 PM 10/10/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Margaret,
>Burbank is the last tomato produced by master developer Luther Burbank and
>it is an outstanding producer.  I don't keep records as to where seed is
>sent but Burbank is one of my varieties and it's entirely possible you got
>it from me. I like that one a lot, too.  Did my "new" list come thru OK?
Yes, thank you.  Chuck, how do you go about tasting your tomatoes?  I pick
one or two ripe ones from a vine, label the variety on a paper plate, then
put the tomatoes on that paper plate on a shelf unit.  But I can't face
eating a dozen or more tomatoes (or even tasting them at one time).  If the
crop was a total bust, I just delete that variety from future
consideration.  For instance, I'm pretty sick of the oxhearts being renamed
"strawberries" that apparently ripen in 120 days, more than I've got each
growing season.  I grew too many yellow 'maters this year.  Only picked
about 4 Anna Russians off the whole vine.  Two Urbanites.  Russian oxheart
was pretty productive of the largest tomatoes I've ever grown.  The winners
so far this year were Hungarian paste (huge and meaty), Burbank, Big Red
Paste and Boondocks, out of 60 varieties.  Margaret