Re: [tomato] Difference of opinion

ChuckWyatt/Md/Z7 (
Sun, 11 Oct 1998 18:51:02 -0400

Hi Margaret,

>> how do you go about tasting your tomatoes?<<  Well.... first I open my
mouth <G>
Actually I usually save the first fruit that looks representative from each
plant. When I seed that fruit I cut a wedge and taste it. That way my notes
are close at hand.

I don't think much of  most yellows either but "Earl of Edgecomb" was an
exceptional find this year. Other yellows which I like are "Manyel," 
"Lillian's Yellow Heirloom,"  "Dr Wyche's Yellow" and "Kellog's Breakfast."

"Taps" was an excellent "find" this year as was "Lynnwood."

I plan to cut down somewhat next year and only maintain about 200-250
varieties from here on. My partner, Jack Schaeffer has quit and raising
over a hundred plants has gotten to be too much after my heart surgery.

I recently got the following in a E mail from an Aussie buddy and am
excited about this possibility.
>>John's father has returned from Italy he has brought 4 varieties from the
mountain village of San Marco these varieties have been in these families
for over 300 years, l think the stock originated from the Moors  of north
Africa. They had tomatoes before the Italians and they in tern got them
from the Spaniards.
l will get the seed tomorrow and sow it immediately, Mike, johns father was
saying these varieties are very good otherwise they would have been diced
ages ago, l will let you know the names of them when l get the seed .<<

<<<The Italian varieties sound VERY interesting.>>> Don't worry, you are at
the top of the list<GG> l sowed the seed of three varieties San Marco Rosso
, Borgo Celano and one called Verde something also there are two chili

Good gardening,