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Date: Thursday, October 15, 1998 8:45 AM
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>It was Floramerica, Dave.  By cannonball-itis, I mean tough-skinned and
>hard enough to survive shipping or a cannon shot.  Yes, they were pretty
>and large, but...Margaret

Margaret, Catharine, and Chuck...
Is it possible to have hybrid tomatoes AND good taste?  What happens to the
genes that map the development of sugars and acids?  Crossing varieties does
not eliminate these genes.  I suspect that much of your opposition to any
mention of 'hybrid' has to do with feelings related to big companies, etc.
taking away something (?) from you.  This is not a major issue for many of
us and your not being up front and clear about it influences any discussion
of tomatoes other than heirloom.

As heirloom tomatoes weren't 'in the Garden of Eden' they came from
selection over time.  I would like to know how long it takes (how many
generations) to stabilize a strain of tomatoes after initial hybridization
by growing on selected selfed seed.

Can tomatoes be firm and flavorful?  Is there a mutual exclusiveness that
doesn't allow these two factors to exist in the same tomato?

Also, I'd like to discuss growing tomatoes.  Last year I mentioned
micrrohiza.  This year I also tried microbial (compost) tea...also rock
powders and fish meal fertilizers.   I'd really like some discussion on
these topics.

Louis Mensing
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