RE: [tomato] Caspian Pink

Margaret Lauterbach (
Thu, 15 Oct 1998 10:00:50 -0600

>I've had the same experience with's LOW on my list of
tomatoes. PRetty but flavorless. I'm intrigued by the info. on Caspian
Pink, since I've had good luck with the Russian O.P. varieites (growing in
Atlanta, zone 7b).
Oddly my experience with the Russian introductions has not been as happy in
southwest Idaho.  Low yields, indifferent flavor have just about
discouraged me from trying any other Russian developments.  It's extremely
odd in view of the fact that our climate is a steppe climate (one less inch
of rain and we qualify as desert).  OTOH, heirloom tomatoes from the
American South have done well here except for the Hughs variety.  Hmmm.
that tomato may have inspired the "Baby Huey" cartoon character.  Big and
numb.  Margaret