[tomato] cherry tomatoes

Marlynn Marcks (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Sun, 18 Oct 1998 11:21:21 -0400 (EDT)

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Sungold are indeed sweet, but not as sweet as Sweet 100 nor as prolific.
Both are early and Sungold is orange while Sweet 100 is red.  Sungold
has a fruity taste as well while Sweet100 is straight tomato with a dash
of sugar.  It makes more than you can ever use even from one plant and
cooks up into thick sauce as well.  As I was literally carrying
bucketsful each day from 6 plants I tried cooking sauce.  That was the
last time I planted more than one plant.

The problem with Sweet 100 is that midway through the season, it cracks
easily and often.  I tried Supersweet 100 which remedied that problem,
but it wasn't quite as sweet and I didn't like the thicker skin.

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