Re: [tomato] cherry tomatoes

Margaret Lauterbach (
Sun, 18 Oct 1998 10:20:56 -0600

At 11:21 AM 10/18/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Sungold are indeed sweet, but not as sweet as Sweet 100 nor as prolific.
>Both are early and Sungold is orange while Sweet 100 is red.  Sungold has a
>fruity taste as well while Sweet100 is straight tomato with a dash of
>sugar.  It makes more than you can ever use even from one plant and cooks
>up into thick sauce as well.  As I was literally carrying bucketsful each
>day from 6 plants I tried cooking sauce.  That was the last time I planted
>more than one plant. 

It's not as bad as planting a row of zucchini though.  Picking cherry
tomatoes is very time-consuming.  

 The problem with Sweet 100 is that midway through the
>season, it cracks easily and often.  I tried Supersweet 100 which remedied
>that problem, but it wasn't quite as sweet and I didn't like the thicker

I tried Sweet Million that some swear by, but I didn't think it was better
than Sweet 100.  Have you tried Gardeners' Delight?  I grew that beside
Sweet 100, so could easily compare flavor.  I preferred Gardeners' Delight
because the side-by-side comparison revealed the Sweet 100s have a musty
aftertaste.  If you prefer the tomato taste in cherry tomatoes, you'd
really love Riesentraube.  They're large for cherry tomatoes, grow in a
grape-like cluster, and have amazing little nipples on the blossom ends.
They taste like beefsteak tomatoes.  Margaret