Re: [tomato] RE: This seems insane to me (
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 10:59:22 -0700

Your response was wonderful,thoughtful,insightful and I *absolutely* hope your right about  its *hitting
a brick wall*.
However you posed the question whats in it for me?
As I understand it is is this :Monsanto will provide,
A seed tailored to your (farmers)climate and conditions..(more gene application)
Assuring the greatest bang for the buck and out yeilding( regardless of your climate) your competition.
If your competition is usin it and they are the first out the gate with the goods they command the best
price and hurt your ultimate crop prices as a non Terminator user...
They might hang back initially but have to succumb as a matter of economics further down the road in
order to stay competitive.
At least that what Monsanto is hoping for.
As far as leaving it to Europe and other countries to protest its use I consider that  a mistake ..
All peoples, everywhere, should inform themselves and raise their voices to the Max.
This is not one of those let*Let John do it *kind of issues.

Beth Steinbach wrote:

> This is insane. And evil, pernicious,  contemptible, callous, disgusting, crazy,  etc. etc. etc. etc.
> That our own government participated in this solely for the money (it appears) is very alarming.
> That being said, I also think it will fail when they take it to market.
> Anybody remember copy protected software?
> Already whole governments have decided it is not in their best interest to allow anything with
> this gene to cross their borders.  Nimble competitors of Monsanto will advertise their product
> as "not containing the "Terminator Gene".  The legal dept at AHP will say, "um, have we adequately
> analyzed our potential liability should pollen containing this gene reduce yields in neighboring
> crops--we do have deep pockets you know." Release of the first "terminator" seed will get it's
> own unflattering 60 Minutes piece done.  And to top it off, Year2000 hangups in communication,
> transportation, production, and international finance will take the  wind out of world trade sails.
> Delta Land & Pine stockholders laughing all the way to the bank I'm sure.  Monsanto & USDA
> are blinded by greed to the brick wall immediately in front of them.
> Buy a poison pill from Monsanto?  Gee, what's in it for me?
> Beth Steinbach