Re: Re[2]: [tomato] Difference of opinion

ChuckWyatt/Md/Z7 (
Thu, 5 Nov 1998 20:22:18 -0500

The acclimatization of a tomato variety to a particular area may or may not
be a major factor in how that variety performs.  With most of the better
known varieties in the US there will be little variation within the US.  I
do experience considerable loss of quality, however, when growing out seed
from my Aussie buddy, Steve Parton.  When a variety is grown under
different soil or climactic conditions than those to which it is
accustomed, there may be a loss of flavor, size, production or all three.
If the seed is saved each year and planted again there is often a reversion
to the original state.  This will usually happen in one or two generations
and is known as acclimatization.

BTW my list of new 'maters for '99 is complete and all who would like a
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Good gardening,

Chuck Wyatt