[tomato] Tomato Varieties

William McKay (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Fri, 20 Nov 1998 05:51:22 PST

Every year I plant some heirloom tomatoes.  Some have become keepers. I 
regularly plant Prudens Purple, Bonny Best and Red Brandywine.  This 
year I am thinking of trying the following:
   Black Krim
   Eva Purple Ball
   Mortgage Lifter

Would appreciate any comments on these, especially in regard to taste, 
productivity, suitability for growing in the northeast (massachusetts).  
I believe somewhere I read that Stupice, while an indeterminate, doesn't 
grow much more than three feet or so high.  This doesn't make any sense 
to me, but does anyone know if it is true. I was thinking if it is so, I 
might grow them using wood stakes/basket weave system.

Appreciate your assistance.

Bill McKay in E. Mass (zone 6)

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