Re: [tomato] Tomato Varieties

Margaret Lauterbach (
Fri, 20 Nov 1998 07:11:55 -0700

At 05:51 AM 11/20/98 PST, you wrote:
>Every year I plant some heirloom tomatoes.  Some have become keepers. I 
>regularly plant Prudens Purple, Bonny Best and Red Brandywine.  This 
>year I am thinking of trying the following:
>   Black Krim
>   Eva Purple Ball
>   Mortgage Lifter
>   Stupice
>Would appreciate any comments on these, especially in regard to taste, 
>productivity, suitability for growing in the northeast (massachusetts).  
>I believe somewhere I read that Stupice, while an indeterminate, doesn't 
>grow much more than three feet or so high.  This doesn't make any sense 
>to me, but does anyone know if it is true. I was thinking if it is so, I 
>might grow them using wood stakes/basket weave system.
>Appreciate your assistance.
>Bill McKay in E. Mass (zone 6)
I've been told Stupice does very well in Massachusetts.  I've grown it, but
my plant succumbed to curly top virus (you don't have that in your part of
the country), and I didn't taste the 'matoes."  I love Black Krim.
Weird-looking outside, brick-red flesh inside, and delicious.  I grew Eva
Purple Ball last summer, but my plants were crowded (and infested with the
mother lode of whiteflies), so the few fruits that set were small, and I
never got around to tasting them.  I'd suggest you buy seeds from Chuck
Wyatt ($1 per pack) of the Mortgage Lifter, and get the VFN variety (it's
an open pollinated tomato, in spite of the disease resistance designation).
 You can get his snail mail address or his complete list of OP tomatoes (I
think 400 varieties) via