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I've grown Santa. It's a good tomato. Juliet (F1 Hybrid), one of this years
1999 AAS winners is a variant of Santa. The fruits weigh around 1 ounces (as
I recall) and are oval in shape. The shape helps cut down on the possibility
of cracking.

Superthrive is safe to use on any edible. I don't know if it can be used on
crops that are grown in a certified organic operation, however. Maybe
someone here can give us that answer.

Catharine/Atlanta, zone 7b

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Hi, my name is Peter.  I am new to this group.  I have started a raised
garden and growing the usual assortment of tomatoes & peppers, but I'm also
growing Pak Choi, Siam Queen Thai Basil & canteloupe.  I've been eating a
great small tomato commonly called the grape tomato (Santa f1 hybrid).  I
finally found a source for seeds (Johnny's Select Seeds, or Tomato Supply
Co.) and I just put them in Jiffy peat pots.  They are the size of a small
grape, red, and supposedly (if you can believe the literature) each plant
can produce up to 1000 fruits.  I was wondering if any mailist users have
any experience with this tomato?

Also, different sources have been telling me to use SUPERTHRIVE  nutritional
liquid on all my plants, including vegetables.  It supposedly has 50
vitamins and a hormone to promote developement.  Again, I was wondering if
anyone has any experience with this product, and if it is safe to use on
vegetables.....especially tomatoes.

Hope to hear from my new friends!

Peter White,  Zone 10, South Florida

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