[tomato] News bite yesterday...

John and Jan Taylor (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Wed, 17 Feb 1999 09:57:46 -0600

Hi all....

Don't know if you heard this one....but yesterday evening, while we were
driving in the city we heard a news bite that was of interest to all of

Very short, the news was that 'Eating tomatoes may prevent you from
getting some types of cancer. Studies have shown that eating
tomatoes.....lada lada".

If some of you heard more, please add to this...Now, we have heard this
same thing about a host of other foods/drinks.....but this one was great
for us to hear....

Thought that was especially nice to hear after one of our 'out of the
nest' kids came over the other night and asked if I was growing a
(after seeing many tomatoe seedlings sitting under grow lights in the

Looks like we just won't have a winter in the south and am tempted to
start at least peas and beans out in the garden.....these 70+ days are
very tempting...but been caught before doing that (pushing the

Know we have other Texas folks on the list (or did)...would like to know
if they are still around...

Having a good time working with the Heirlooms this year.....(Thanks
Chuck...they are popping up quite nicely)....

Have a super week...

Jan Taylor
San Antonio, Texas
(zone 8? maybe 9?....zone..hot summers, long season)