Re: [tomato] Plant in the same spot or not?

Byron.Bromley (
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 00:30:20 -0500


I have one old book on gardening, that says don't rotate until
you have problems, I have another that says rotate every 4 years.
I have been growing in the same spot for 24 years, with high
organic treatment, IE a few shovels full of well composted
manure. in the same spot. I live in Southern NH. To dig the soil
down 16 in deep 2 ft dia. shift out about a wheelbarrow full
of rocks. is a lot of work. need to break the soil up with a pick
ax or remove big stones with an air hammer. To make room for
6 plants takes 2 weekends at least. (4 12 to 16 hour days)

Last year here for growing was a bummer, 6 weeks of almost
continuos rain, from June 1 to July 15, Wettest year since 1882.
1 day of sunshine. Had a lot of Bacterial and fungal problems
and the aphids esp had a chance to really multiply.

My Brandywines didn't do quite as good as usual, and my Mirical sweets
were al least a month late, but those Sweet orange cherry tomatoes
still performed well, I gave away 8 qts off 2 plants Plus the ? qts
I munched on . 


Subject: [tomato] Plant in the same spot or not?
Date: Wednesday, February 17, 1999 11:27 PM

I just joined this list last week.  I'd like your opinion(s) before
time gets here.  Do you rotate the location where you plant tomatoes from
year to the next?

I've been growing tomatoes for about 10 years.  I have always heard that I
should rotate where the tomatoes are grown each year to help prevent soil
borne diseases.  Last year, on a different maillist, many people said that
rotating tomatoes isn't necessary.  If I remember correctly, two of their
reasons were 1) healthy plants could  handle typical soil borne diseases
fairly well, and 2) soil high in organic material would supress those

Last year (for the first time), I planted my tomatoes in the same spot as
previous year's tomatoes.  I didn't have any major problems, nor did I have
great year.  I'm debating whether to continue rotating or not.

Thanks for your opinions