Re: [tomato] Plant in the same spot or not?

margaret lauterbach (
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 07:32:33 -0700

At 11:27 PM 2/17/99 EST, you wrote:
>I just joined this list last week.  I'd like your opinion(s) before planting
>time gets here.  Do you rotate the location where you plant tomatoes from one
>year to the next?
>I've been growing tomatoes for about 10 years.  I have always heard that I
>should rotate where the tomatoes are grown each year to help prevent soil
>borne diseases.  Last year, on a different maillist, many people said that
>rotating tomatoes isn't necessary.  If I remember correctly, two of their
>reasons were 1) healthy plants could  handle typical soil borne diseases
>fairly well, and 2) soil high in organic material would supress those
>Last year (for the first time), I planted my tomatoes in the same spot as the
>previous year's tomatoes.  I didn't have any major problems, nor did I have a
>great year.  I'm debating whether to continue rotating or not.
>Thanks for your opinions
I've been told by our Extension agent that she saw research that reported
tomatoes prepare the ground for more tomatoes.  She can't recall the
source.  I've grown tomatoes in the same patch since 1972 except for one
year when I planted them elsewhere.  That year I lost 50% of my plants to
disease.  I decided not to rotate tomatoes any more, especially since I had
had no disease problems in the original patch.  The weather in most of the
country last year was not very conducive to growing tomatoes.  Best,