Re: [tomato] Red plastic mulch

margaret lauterbach (
Sun, 21 Feb 1999 08:58:21 -0700

At 04:26 PM 2/20/99 PST, you wrote:
>I saw this post after I had responded to the original post.  I am 
>fascinated.  What kind of plastic cups did you use.  Did you go down to 
>the local store and buy some red plastic drink cups? 
>Somewhat on this same topic, the farmer I mentioned who uses red plastic 
>for tomatoes uses silver plastic mulch for eggplant (even though they 
>are in the same family).  He says it does a better job at keeping off 
>aphids, but I wonder if there is something else going on.
>Bill M
Bill, where does he get this silver plastic mulch?  I'm wondering if I
could use it to deter squash bugs.  Thanks, Margaret L