[tomato] grape tomatoes

Rob Loach (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 16:15:18 -0500

I've been lurking for a while, but I thought I'd jump in with a post. My
wife works in the food service operation at a university. She and some of
her colleagues went to a food show in Columbia SC yesterday. She came
home with all sorts of things that were given to her by various vendors.

One of the things that she came home with was some **wonderful** tomatoes
that the vendor called "grape tomatoes". They look like cherry tomatoes,
but are a tiny bit elongated, rather than perfectly round. The taste is
just SUPER -- they taste like regular sized tomatoes, just a great tomato
taste. The vendor told her that where they grow them they sow themselves
and will take over. If that's the case, I'll gladly give them a corner of
my garden to "take over".

Has anyone heard of these tomatoes before? I'm assuming that they must be
open-pollinated if they produce the same thing as the parent plant did.
If anyone has any info on these, please let me know. I've put some aside
to save seed from so that I can try them out this year. I'll very soon be
starting my seeds in my cold frame. Can't wait!

Enjoying the information on this list so far. Tomatoes are by far my best
crop here in the Piedmont of upstate South Carolina. We normally have
very rainy weather the first part of the summer, followed by hot, HOT

Rob Loach in Greenville SC
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