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Date: Saturday, February 27, 1999 1:43 PM
Subject: Re: [tomato] Tomato Digest V1 #154

>  I have run searches for mycorrhiza, and nearly all of the
>sites that I've found are commercial sites selling it and talking it up.  I
>guess I'll have to restrict my searches to .edu and see if there is any
>independent source (not that university ag professors are necessarily
>independent).  I would like to get info from someone who isn't profiting by
>its sale.  I don't appreciate the nastiness here, either.  Margaret

Here are some sites for research:       on this site find the 'search'
and type in 'tomato'.  You will have to go to an agricultural library
however to find the Journals.   an overall view...not
specifically tomatoes

And no Chuck, the stuff isn't refined manure.

I really feel at a loss here.  If we only are going to 'talk' about
heirlooms,  then your list and about covers it
Chuck.   There's not much more to say.

Louis Mensing