Re: [tomato] Tomato Digest V1 #154

David Cooper (
Sat, 27 Feb 1999 18:47:11 +0200

Thank you Richard!!  Folks, we all love to grow tomatoes and that's
why we joined this list.  Let's try to keep the posts positive and
not attack each other.  Comments about "efficiency" are ridiculous.
Many would argue that the problem with agriculture today is that it is
too efficient, without regard to longterm sustainability.  Chuck isn't just
doing a service to us on the list but to everyone, as he grows and share's
heirloom seeds, helping to ensure the biodiversity of the very plants we
care so much about.  I hope I don't see any more negative posts
directed toward him!  Let's be friends and enjoy the great growing
season ahead.  And Chuck .......from me......thanks!

>I'm not going to repeat any of the pitch(s) put on the list by t&jenterprises.
>But I will say that the guy has found a way to make this list his own
>sales platform for the last several days.  I for one, think commerce
>should be done in the privacy of individual email.
>>Mycorrhiza ad nauseum ...

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