Re: [tomato] Tomato Digest V1 #157

Marguerite (
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 08:32:51 -0600

    Catharine, I appreciated your comments regarding Chuck Wyatt's
experience and dedication in this field.  His knowledge and his
generosity in giving time to share it, is greatly appreciated, and
greatly respected by my husband and I.
     Chuck, I, too, had wondered what you did with all those tomatoes.
That is a gigantic job to plant, harvest, and distribute seeds and all
those tomatoes--and so much of it free to the recipients.  Your
motivation could only be exclusively from your heart.   I for one,
applaud your energies, your efforts, and your generosity!!!
    My husband and I are both retired, and are getting used to the idea
of down-sizing a garden that had lots of space in the 30 acres, where we
lived before retirement.  Now, on the shore of Truman Lake, our garden
area is only 25 ft by 30 ft., so I am a little anxious about making the
best of the space I have.  I am also, a little anxious about properly
planting and growing these heirloom seeds I purchased from Chuck Wyatt.
I want my first summer to plant these, to be a success.  I want to get
it right the first time, and be able to experience the superior taste
that many of you attribute to heirloom tomatoes.
    I was, also, glad to hear favorable comments about the Bio-Organics
company, because that is the company from which I ordered the
mycorrhiza, a couple of days ago.  That web site has information, too,
and it was my initial source (not only source) of information after
seeing  mycorrhiza mentioned in a newsletter about a year ago.  I want
to do much more reading of the research on mycorrhiza, and a little
"hands on" experimenting, before I am ready to make a decision on its
value to my garden and plants.
Marguerite Ruch
On the Truman Lake shoreline in Missouri