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Subject: Grape Tomatoes, New Member & other fun stuff

>Hi everybody, my name is Pete, and I'm relatively new to this discussion
>group.  My computer was on the fritz for 10 days or so, and I returned to
>the net only to find about 168 e-mails.  It took awhile to catch up on all
>the Tomato News.  Like most discussion groups, controversy and tempers
>sometimes flair.  But I must admit I have learn much from your discussions.
>I do want to answer one mans question about grape tomatoes, since I too
>searched for them.  They are called SANTA F1 HYBRID TOMATOES, and are a
>cousin of the JULIET tomato which are slightly larger.  I found Santa
>Tomatoes at: Tomato Growers Supply in Florida, and at Johnny's Selected
>Seeds.  I think they are at www.johnnyseed.com  .   I have only just start
>growing them, and I find the seedlings to be more delicate than the sweet
>100 cherry tomato seedlings.  I am growing them in vertical planters made
>from fabric mulch, and in regular containers, and some in my raised garden
>With all the heated discussion on Mycorrhiza, I hate to ask if anyone has
>any experience using SUPERTHRIVE liquid nutrient on tomatoes or anything
>else.  I just recently built a raised vegetable garden bed, I mixed from a
>commercial vender a 50/50 mix of topsoil containing much organic material,
>and potting soil.  In the 24 x 6 plot, I mixed in a few bags of manure
>compost.  In the hole that I planted the seedlings, I used a 3/4 tablespoon
>of osmocote time release fertilizer.  I watered everything down with
>Miracle-gro's starter solution, and then from a recommendation from a
>friend, a mixture with the superthrive.  I have been watering everyday, and
>once a week with Miracle-gro.  I know that many organic gardeners will be
>"mad" at me, but I am doing this till I learn more about organic gardening.
>Any thoughts on what I have been doing so far?  The tomatoes that I have
>been growing "vertically" have been doing well so far, but I'm concerned
>about the weight of the fruit breaking the vines since they tend to grow
>upwards toward the sun.  I'll keep you informed.
>Well, that's it, hope I hear from my new friends......Sincerely,
>Peter White, Zone 10, South Florida
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>Subject: [tomato] Mycorrhiza
>>1. Chuck Wyatt is an experienced grower and a dedicated seed saver.
>>who appreciates the taste of a good tomato -- hybrid, OP, heirloom,
>>whatever, owes Chuck a nod of appreciation for his efforts over a span of
>>many, many years.
>>2. The use of "packaged" Mycorrhiza is not in and of itself snake oil. It
>>merits serious investigation and has appropriate applications.  Wild-eyed
>>claims by merchants of an "invented" strain (!!!!) do damage and insult
>>intelligence of thoughtful and experienced gardeners like Wyatt and others
>>3.  I've had good luck with a VAM product sold by Don Chapman of
>>Bio-Organics in California. I first used it two seasons ago. Chapman was
>>helpful, non pushy, non gushy, non confrontational and gave me the
>>impression that he was interested in providing a useful product to
>>growers--primarily commercial orchardists.
>>4. After reading the recent posts on this list, I thought it might be
>>to post the web address of an alternate supplier to anyone considering
>>spending $$ on VAM products. Chapman's URL is http://www.bio-organics.com
>>found his prices fair and appreciated his lack of hype. He answered my
>>questions (and I am generally considered a hard sell) in a straightforward
>>and direct manner. He made no promises of miracles. He did not resort to
>>jargon. He did not direct personal invective at critics. In short, I'd do
>>business with him again.
>>Catharine/Atlanta, zone 7b