Re: [tomato] Seed starting advice - Thanks Chuck!

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Tue, 2 Mar 1999 18:33:55 -0500

>>.  If you want to use my system please
>>don't tamper with it and then wonder why you don't get good results

I wasn't trying to tamper Chuck, only learn. Thanks Again

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Date: Tuesday, March 02, 1999 6:08 PM
Subject: [tomato] Seed starting advice - Thanks Chuck!

>>>1.  Do you think the clear polycarbonate tube guards will affect seedling
>growth?<< THey will probably degrade the results by cutting down the light.
>>>2. Seed manuals and yourself mention that after true leaves appear, it is
>time to put them into bigger pots, such as 4" pots.  Other than shelf
>is there any reason why seeds should be started in small containers and
>transplanted to larger ones?  Is there any reason why I couldn't start the
>seeds directly in the 4" pots and skip the transplanting altogether (how
>about jiffy pots & expandable disks?  One pamphlet hinted at proper root
>growth as a reason, but then again, seeds started directly in the garden
>have all the room in the world to grow, so how does that affect their root
>development?<  Note that I say bury the seedling all the way to the
>cotyledon when potting it up.  This important as roots will grow on the
>stam.  Also there is a small amount of fertilizer in Pro mix that is about
>exausted after two or three weeks.  If you want to use my system please
>don't tamper with it and then wonder why you don't get good results.
>>>3. Is Pro-mix BX used for seed starting or repotting, and what is the
>name and a good national chain to find it?<<  Both.  The brand name is Pro
>Mix BX.  Jiffy mix or ready mix are also satisfactory.
>>>4. Do you think  coating the white inside of the shop light with
>material (tin foil, reflective Mylar?) would increase light output and help
>seedlings? <<It might help some.
>>>5. Are some tomato seedlings more delicate than others?  My Santa F1
>tomatoes) seem to grow slower and be more leggy than others (with my new
>lighting system, I'm hopeing to prevent this)<< See Margaret's answer re a
>Good gardening,
>Chuck Wyatt