Re: [tomato] Seed starting advice (
Wed, 3 Mar 1999 01:24:33 EST

>>2. Seed manuals and yourself mention that after true leaves appear, it is
time to put them into bigger pots, such as 4" pots.  Other than shelf
space, is there any reason why seeds should be started in small containers and
then transplanted to larger ones? 

Some of the commercial soiless mixes are specifically designed for
germination, and others for growing.  While you can usually use either, some
growing mixes may contain ingredients that inhibit seed germination.

>>3. Is Pro-mix BX used for seed starting or repotting, and what is the
brand name and a good national chain to find it?

Fafard is also good, as well as Peter's/Grace.  Look for a "light and fluffy"
mix.  Some cheap brands from Kmart/Walmart are often too heavy, don't have any
air circulation, and are not always sterilized properly.

>>4. Do you think  coating the white inside of the shop light with reflective
material (tin foil, reflective Mylar?) would increase light output and help

I have a friend in the local University's electrical & lighting department.
She says white actually reflects more than metallics like foil, mylar, or even
mirrors.  White is the reflection (or lack of absorption) of all wavelengths
of light.  The metallics do absorb some of the light.  The back coating of a
mirror absorbs a little light.