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Date: Wednesday, March 03, 1999 9:36 PM
Subject: [tomato] mycorrhiza and environmental stress...

>Yours is a situation in which I would advise trying to use a Mycorrhiza
>inoculant  ...etc
> ..

Thanks for your thoughtful and complete post addressing my environmental
situation and a possible aid to alleviating environmental stresses.  The
only tomato plants I have yet to set out are involved in another trial and I
don't have enough specimens available of the same varieties of the trial
plants for comparison with another Mycorrhiza control group to be
statistically significant.  Including another variable at this time could
also make the current trial results inconclusive.  But I certainly would
like to try it at another time.

I received a report last year, "Mycorrhizal Fungi Experiments" from Doreen
Howard on the results of her 1997 tomato tests.  Although we were both in
the same USDA cold hardiness zone (9b), the climate and environmental
considerations were very different (hot and humid versus hot and dry) such
that I did not believe her conclusions would be applicable to our desert
climate.  Her report is archived at and it generated a
lenthy thread on this list which I don't believe necessary to repeat.

Olin, Phoenix AZ