RE: [tomato] mycorrhiza is a better way to grow... (
Thu, 4 Mar 1999 05:35:38 -0500

Thomas Giannou wrote:
It seems that you are so stuck in traditional agricultural practices (which
I think should be abandoned because of their detrimental affects) that you
really are not open to any discussion of organic methods that can build up
the soil, don't pollute, and can produce healthy plants and produce well
beyond anything you have been able to accomplish to date.

Since I am an organic grower I am always up for discussion of organic
methods. I am disheartened by vitiated, self-serving propaganda--from
whatever the source.

Mr. Giannou wrote:
You and a couple of other people on these various garden lists seem to have
a rather nasty habit of trying to offend and intimidate everyone who comes
on these lists with new ideas that you don't happen to agree with.  I am
kindly asking you and the other two people (you know who you are) to stop
doing that.  That
kind of behavior is just plain childish!  Stop it!

I do not disagree with the premise of innoculants, including mycorrhiza. I
do object to your polemics and the repeated personal attacks against
experienced gardeners and growers that I have observed you to make on this
list--and at least two others. I also do not think highly of a salesman who
feels he must knock his competition in order to advance his chances of
making a sale. Poor salesmanship, in addition to bad manners.

Catharine/Atlanta, zone 7b