[tomato] Nuking soils.

Paul Reynolds (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Fri, 05 Mar 1999 10:58:44 -0600


Nuking is a good idea to control all sorts of pests.  However, the
preferable method, in my opinion, would be the oven or an autoclave.  I
really don't know if a microwave would have an adverse affect, but, I'm
from the old school, before the advent of microwaves,  where we used
heat from the stove or an autoclave.

Also, one of the best combinations I've found for my tomatoes is mixing
a bit of 10-20-10 with my manure.  The manure will help ensure that the
chemical fertilizer is not lost to the environment and if added in a
small amount, a cup of 10-20-10 to 5 gallons of manure, there isn't any
harm to be done.  Most of my experience is with transplanting and I
usually dig a post hole, put in the manure and ferti. mix then cover
with a few inches of soil and place the plant over that.  Takes a bit
for the plants to take off, but, once they do you won't be able to keep
up with them.  The blooms are numerous as well.