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Paul, you recommend a 10-20-10 mixed with manure ( I assume composted
manure).  Can the same result be done by mixing in liquid (dare I use the
word) Miracle-gro?  Also, many posts say using chemical fertilizers kills,
or ruins the results of mycorrhizae. Is this true?  And my last blastphamus
question is:  Have you heard, or have you any experience with SUPERTHRIVE
liquid nutrition additive.  It is not a fertilizer, but an additive.  Their
ads are like snake oil, but my searches found many discussion groups and
many people using them on orchids & Carnivorous plants.  It also supposedly
stimulates root growth & vigor.

One last one ever discusses planting tomatoes in containers or
vertical hangers.  Is there an organic method for this, or is liquid
fertilizer still the way to go.

I enjoy reading everyone's point of view.....then I form my own opinions.


Pete, Zone 10, South Florida
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Subject: [tomato] Nuking soils.

>Nuking is a good idea to control all sorts of pests.  However, the
>preferable method, in my opinion, would be the oven or an autoclave.  I
>really don't know if a microwave would have an adverse affect, but, I'm
>from the old school, before the advent of microwaves,  where we used
>heat from the stove or an autoclave.
>Also, one of the best combinations I've found for my tomatoes is mixing
>a bit of 10-20-10 with my manure.  The manure will help ensure that the
>chemical fertilizer is not lost to the environment and if added in a
>small amount, a cup of 10-20-10 to 5 gallons of manure, there isn't any
>harm to be done.  Most of my experience is with transplanting and I
>usually dig a post hole, put in the manure and ferti. mix then cover
>with a few inches of soil and place the plant over that.  Takes a bit
>for the plants to take off, but, once they do you won't be able to keep
>up with them.  The blooms are numerous as well.