Re: [tomato] Re:cultivars

Tom Eilers (
Fri, 05 Mar 1999 16:42:30 -0800

Howdy Liz, I have grown tomatos and cucumbers in my greenhouse and some of the
'greenhouse' varieties have been a disappointment, they look great, but the
taste is less than ideal.  The cukes, are superb however.  Last few years I've
just grown the smaller tomatos like Stokes Sub-Arctic Maxi and some of the
different 'Siberian' types.  Also the Early Swedish seems to like it here
during the winter.  I have 55 gallon drums full of water stacked two high along
the back wall which seems to help with the temp. regulation.  (maintaining heat
in the winter as well as cooling during the summer)  If I can help with any
specific questions, please E-mail me direct, I love to talk about greenhouse
growing.  Good luck, Tom Eilers
Liz Smith wrote:

> Can anyone on this list give me some names of some good cultivars that do
> well with little light in greenhouse conditions.  I am considering a
> greenhouse in Montana and would like to grow year round.  We have very
> cloudy skys most of the winter.  I will probably have to supplement with
> lights, but would like to keep my watts down do to using alternative energy
> sources.
> Thanks...Liz