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Orchid (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Sun, 7 Mar 1999 10:50:15 -0500

Paul,  I'm not an advocate of the product SUPERTHRIVE, like I posted
earlier, their ads look like snake oil.  But when I did a search on it, I
came upon many orchid and carnivorous plant discussion groups debating it.
Most seemed to have a positive attitude about it.

I never, however heard directly from anyone using them on tomatoes, or
vegetables.  It supposedly contains vitamins b-1, rooting hormones, and 50
other vitamins.  Supposedly many federal and state govts. use it.  My friend
was at a plant show and he bought some.  It supposedly has been around for
40 years, and although I am not in the business, I was surprised that I
never heard of it before.

Anyway, I am trying it on my vegetable garden, and everything is "thriving".
Whether it is from the superthrive or not I do not know because I am not
using separate control veggies.  The only problem I've had was with my Santa
f1 seedlings that I started myself.  They were very leggy, and I'm convinced
it's because they didn't get enough light.

With all the experience and expertise on this discussion group, I thought I
would find someone who has also tried it.  I also wonder if it would be
useful or detrimental to use it in combo with the VAM Fungi that has
generated much discussion.

You asked me for the website, and here it is:
http://www.vitamininstitute.com/      Again, the ad looks like snake oil,
perhaps that adds to the charm to folksy people.

Also a humble suggestion to list members, I belong to a wildlife list, and
all members sign their postings with their name, agricultural zone #, and
their living area....that is the way I sign mine.  It helps because it lets
the reader know where you live and how it affects the answers or questions
you give.  Just a thought. Thanks for a great discussion group!

Thank you for answering my questions.

Pete,  Zone 10, South Florida

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From: Paul Reynolds <preynold@swbell.net>
To: Tomato List <tomato@GlobalGarden.com>
Date: Sunday, March 07, 1999 2:41 AM
Subject: [tomato] Reply to Orchid

>My manure isn't composted.  Just sterile.  I've not been able to buy
>composted manure down here, but, don't have the space to compost my own
>manure.  Takes quite a bit of Manure to get a usable quantity if
>composted correctly.
>However, I do have a compost "heap" that I use the soil out of.  Get
>about a wheel barrow full in a years time.  I screen it once a year.  Of
>course, I compost mine longer than most folks do.  Mine comes out very
>fine and smelling like the richest soil there is.
>You could mix miracle gro or some others with it, but, I'd not recommend
>puting a liquid ferti in compost.  By being already in the liquid state,
>it's immediately available for plant up take once it gets into the
>vicinity of the roots.
>About the only thing that I mix with my compost that isn't from the
>kitchen or the yard is kitty litter.  Kitty litter helps with the
>moisture content and if placed on top, will help my heap retain
>moisture, thus keeping the temp up and the worms active.  In fact, I
>don't even put grass climpings in my heap anymore.  80% dried material
>such as leaves and 10% kitchen wastes and 10% used kitty litter.  It's
>done really well so far, but, it's going to be interesting to see what
>the ammonia content of the cat urine is going to do when my heap really
>starts heating up in a month or so.  I'm constantly experimenting with
>my compost.
>Nope, don't know anything about "superthrive" but would be interested in
>reading up on it if you would be kind enough to send me an address on
>Believe it or not, I know of a dairy that is growing tomatos in pure
>manure.  I don't see why manure couldn't be used as an additive for
>potted plants.  Most folks think that cattle manure is too hot for such
>things, but, in actuality, cattle, horse, sheep and goat manures are
>very tame.  You really have to be careful with hog and fowl manures.
>Especially fowl.  Very hot and very strong in P and NO3.  A little goes
>a long way.
>Hog manure tends to make soil too hot and not do well as far as
>growing.  I really don't know what the components are, but, I used to
>raise hogs and where the pens where, nothing would grow but a few
>pigweed plants.  Even after 10 years, there wasn't much growing other
>than pigweed, nettles and some other nondesirables.  I never had the
>time to take soil samples and send 'em in.
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