Re: [tomato] Re: Paul, Superthrive & list signatures

margaret lauterbach (
Sun, 07 Mar 1999 09:03:07 -0700

At 10:50 AM 3/7/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Paul,  I'm not an advocate of the product SUPERTHRIVE, like I posted
>earlier, their ads look like snake oil.  But when I did a search on it, I
>came upon many orchid and carnivorous plant discussion groups debating it.
>Most seemed to have a positive attitude about it.
>I never, however heard directly from anyone using them on tomatoes, or
>vegetables.  It supposedly contains vitamins b-1, rooting hormones, and 50
>other vitamins.  Supposedly many federal and state govts. use it.  My friend
>was at a plant show and he bought some.  It supposedly has been around for
>40 years, and although I am not in the business, I was surprised that I
>never heard of it before.
>Anyway, I am trying it on my vegetable garden, and everything is "thriving".
>Whether it is from the superthrive or not I do not know because I am not
>using separate control veggies.  The only problem I've had was with my Santa
>f1 seedlings that I started myself.  They were very leggy, and I'm convinced
>it's because they didn't get enough light.
>With all the experience and expertise on this discussion group, I thought I
>would find someone who has also tried it.  I also wonder if it would be
>useful or detrimental to use it in combo with the VAM Fungi that has
>generated much discussion.
>You asked me for the website, and here it is:
>      Again, the ad looks like snake oil,
>perhaps that adds to the charm to folksy people.
>Also a humble suggestion to list members, I belong to a wildlife list, and
>all members sign their postings with their name, agricultural zone #, and
>their living area....that is the way I sign mine.  It helps because it lets
>the reader know where you live and how it affects the answers or questions
>you give.  Just a thought. Thanks for a great discussion group!
>Thank you for answering my questions.
>Pete,  Zone 10, South Florida
The label looks like snake oil, too, Pete.  I bought some, but haven't used
it.  I know a lot of people swear by it, and my favorite greenhouse/nursery
uses it for all of their transplanting.  I don't think they'd spend the
money unless it was a valuable product.  I have no idea how it would
combine with mycorrhizae.  Margaret