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>Thanks for all the information regarding soils, compost, and no-till
>planting.  You mentioned that you maintained a compost "heap".  I am
>trying to get started with a compost heap or bin.  I found a web site
>     which has
>information and instructions on how to build compost an maintain the
>pile.  Do varmints ever try to get in your compost material, because of
>the selected kitchen scraps?
>Have you tried the kitty litter in prior years to have seen results of
>the addition of that ingredient to the compost, or is this the first
>year to experiment with kitty litter as an ingredient?  Are there any
>other experiments you have done in maintaining your compost heap, that
>you found successful, and would care to share with "beginners" in the
>task of building a compost heap?
>This year, I am going to experiment with Mycorrhiza in newly delivered
>topsoil that is deficient in phosphorus, but pretty much O.K. on other
>ingredients (that is according to the soil test done on the topsoil
>delivered from the same source, last May).  I added the recommended
>amounts of phosphorus in the topsoil that was delivered last May, so
>that soil will likely not be a good spot to experiment with Mycorrhiza.
>In newly constructed raised beds, away from the main garden, I am going
>to experiment with the Mycorrhiza in the new topsoil.  I will add
>nothing to the new topsoil, which I am assuming is also deficient in
>phosphorus.  That way, Mycorrhiza should be able to "do its thing".  I
>would like to add compost to both soils: the main garden, treated with
>chemical fertilizer last May, and the new tandem truck load of topsoil
>which will not be treated with any additional chemical fertilizer.
>Thanks for any advice you can give.
>Marguerite Ruch
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