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>Hi all,
>Couldn't help but post this message after reading about better manure,
>additives to soil, baking soil, etc....All good advice, but who has the
>Here is what we do each year and have great success, not only with
>tomatoes, but all our veggies....
>I am posting this only expecting to hear that what we are doing is wrong
>and should not work! (but it does)....
>We live just outside of San Antonio, where it gets hotter than you know
>what in the summer....We are on acreage, but hold our garden to about
>300-400 square feet (including the spots most would use for
>flowers....). Our primary garden is in full sun, but our other spots are
>either morning sun or mostly shade.
>We have access to tons of horse manure.....and in the spring we
>generally can be counted on to 'clean out' a stall or two....all of that
>goes into the garden. Lately though, one of my dogs has developed the
>nasty habit of snitching horse manure from the pasture....she brings it
>into our yard and tears it up.....Not complaining, she is spreading it
>in different spots!
>Our biggest problem with the heat is watering......not being able to
>keep enough water on the plants because of the heat (it evaporates very
>very quickly).....In addition, our water district imposes large fines if
>you go over the minimum amounts (they double your bill...)...So! Year
>before last hubby ran the lines from my washer dump water (blue water)
>to the garden.....All of that goes into the garden and we are
>considering venting other 'blue water' to the garden. We also bought
>soaker hoses just in case we need to water extra.
>Whats in my washer blue water? (Here is where I may hear back from all
>of you)....Wisk liquid laundry detergent and sometimes clorox.....Now,
>oddly enough, when I am on a bleach frenzy and do a lot of white
>bleaching plants tend to grow like crazy..I would have thought it
>would have been a problem, but found out it may be helping....I also
>have less bugs than most around here....
>Weeds? You bet! They keep us busy, but busy costs nothing....those
>colored plastic mulches do....this year however (after reading cheap
>mulching techniques) we may use newspaper and/or hay.....would help to
>retain moisture and keep weeds down...Our weed help comes
>feathered.....the chickens get into the garden after the plants are well
>established...scratch in the rows and keep it pretty clean.....they may
>be eating the bugs too....but we have never seen any signs of them
>pecking at the veggies....The only weed that is impossible to keep out
>of the garden is bermuda grass....the rest I can usually keep at bay by
>getting them by their roots....
>We don't necessarily add any fertilizer.....occasionally we may water
>with Miracle Grow..but that is only one or two times a growing season
>(which is now through Christmas) ..I do start my plants with it....but
>after they are established I generally rely on what mother nature gives
>me.....sometimes I make a couple of 5 gallon buckets of 'manure
>tea'..which I get this way....I find the pasture the horses have
>recently been in....take (2) 5 gallon buckets and a shovel and scoop up
>the fresh stuff....bring that back to the garden area and fill the
>buckets....let them sit for a week or two (and make sure they are down
>wind from any windows).....after it has 'brewed' in the Texas sun for a
>week or so, we dump them ...(and promptly hose our self down if it
>splashed...)....(you can tie up the manure in cheesecloth and put that
>in the buckets...but I always forget to buy cheesecloth...and the other
>way works good...)
>Our soil is very sandy...but after a few years mixing in 'barn
>scrapings' the main garden area is a sandy loam, and holds together
>quite well....
>My point is this: For those who want to bake soil, use additives, line
>the rows with red mulch, and play concert music to their plants...go for
>it..... I am in it for the end result that mother nature allows me to
>have for the year given the soil and conditions she has so graciously
>given me.....and have had minimal problems....and beautiful productive
>Any other 'cheap' tricks out there?
>Clorox????? (yep *grin*)...
>Jan Taylor
>San Antonio, Texas
>(fajita's on the grill today...guacomole on the side and fresh
Can anyone tell me how I can get off this list.

Thank you
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