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>Invest in a drip irrigation system for your garden.  Apply water
>frequently, preferably under, a layer of mulch.  (Even if you don't mulch
>though, the water, applied directly to each plant, will soak in and form a
>tear drop shaped moist area which will define the root ball.)
>I would suggest keeping your grey water applications to your flowering and
>ornamental plants.  And since you need to have 15-25# pressure, it will
>not (and shouldn't be) in your drip system.
>A timer and six electric valves will cost you less than $100.  Bowsmith
>emitters come as a gang of six from which 1/4" tubing can be led to as
>many plants.  They are a very flexible way to install a system.  For
>densely planted rows, your soaker hose (definitely placed under mulch or
>plastic) and run at low pressure so there is no "fountain" is a good solution.
>Our water use, using an automated drip system over a well managed overhead
>sprinkler system run only at night, dropped 80%.  In addition, most
>harvest time fruit loss disappeared.
>>Our biggest problem with the heat is watering......not being able to
>>keep enough water on the plants because of the heat (it evaporates very
>>very quickly).....In addition, our water district imposes large fines if
>>you go over the minimum amounts (they double your bill...)...So! Year
>>before last hubby ran the lines from my washer dump water (blue water)
>>to the garden.....All of that goes into the garden and we are
>>considering venting other 'blue water' to the garden. We also bought
>>soaker hoses just in case we need to water extra.
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Can anyone tell me how I can get off this list.

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