Re: [tomato] Doing everything wrong/right!

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Sun, 07 Mar 1999 22:53:50 GMT

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>>>You might get flammed for saying soap helps reduce bug
>problems. I did. I use lemon scented dishsoap for aphids <<
>I am reminded of my Grandfather, who was born in 1880, talking abut the
>kitchen garden.  It was just outside the kitchen door and in those days of
>no indoor plumbing, dishwater was just thrown on the garden.  With poultry
>running loose, insects were devoured before they could get much headway and
>a sprinkling of dust from the tobacco barn floor took care of the rest. 
>Free running dogs kept the critters away.  Isn't it amazing how things come
>Chuck Wyatt

Can anyone tell me how I can get off this list.

Thank you
Thank you