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>    I don't agree... at least not always.  Last year we grew
>heirloom tomatoes in our market garden and their height was
>only limited by the height of the stakes we had to tie them to.
>This was especially true for the Yellow Brandywines.  My guess is
>that this is true for indeterminates, which is all we grow.  It
>is true our soil was well manured, but we certainly didn't lack for
>tomatoes, suffer from blossom drop, or have small tomatoes.
>Cheers - Kim
>>If you are telling me tomatoes are growing 7 ft tall, Unless they
>>are "Tomato Trees" You are feeding too much nitrogen AKA
>>Miricale Gro. I bet the volume of fruit is small and the size is
>>small for the variety and you have a lot of blossom drop.
>>Been there, done that
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Can anyone tell me how I can get off this list.

Thank you
Thank you