Re: [tomato] tomato height

Kim Van Scoy/ David Cooper (
Sun, 7 Mar 1999 10:06:25 +0200

    I don't agree... at least not always.  Last year we grew
heirloom tomatoes in our market garden and their height was
only limited by the height of the stakes we had to tie them to.
This was especially true for the Yellow Brandywines.  My guess is
that this is true for indeterminates, which is all we grow.  It
is true our soil was well manured, but we certainly didn't lack for
tomatoes, suffer from blossom drop, or have small tomatoes.
Cheers - Kim
>If you are telling me tomatoes are growing 7 ft tall, Unless they
>are "Tomato Trees" You are feeding too much nitrogen AKA
>Miricale Gro. I bet the volume of fruit is small and the size is
>small for the variety and you have a lot of blossom drop.
>Been there, done that

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