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>Rabbit can be used "as is."  Our original Portland, OR rabbitry was set up
>over an existing 3 bin composter which made collecting the manure easy. 
>We also threw garden litter into the bins and, over the winter, had a
>respectable 2-3 yards of compost accumulate for spring use.  Since I rapid
>compost in a much friendlier system (see my sig), the rabbit manure was
>used straight out of the rabbits during spring and summer.
>As a kid, I kept sheep in portable pens which were moved through the
>avocado orchard just ahead of the water sets.  Since the remaining sheep
>in my flock were kept in pastures, collecting it was impractical.  But on
>the basis of the orchard experience, I'd guess it is useable as is.  When
>in doubt, use it as a nitrogen source in a managed compost heap.
>>Since we've been talking about manure, I have a couple of questions.  I
>>have a small flock of sheep and a herd of six rabbits plus varying
>>numbers of bunny offspring (18 right now).  Lots of organic material.  I
>>have the ability to even separate out that raunchy rabbit urine- someone
>>I know says you can make a dillute tea with it to fertilize plants.  I'm
>>new at all this; any suggestions for getting the most benefit from these
>>manures?  Thanks.
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