Re: [tomato] Manure

Richard Yarnell (
Sun, 7 Mar 1999 11:53:10 -0800 (PST)

Rabbit can be used "as is."  Our original Portland, OR rabbitry was set up
over an existing 3 bin composter which made collecting the manure easy. 
We also threw garden litter into the bins and, over the winter, had a
respectable 2-3 yards of compost accumulate for spring use.  Since I rapid
compost in a much friendlier system (see my sig), the rabbit manure was
used straight out of the rabbits during spring and summer.

As a kid, I kept sheep in portable pens which were moved through the
avocado orchard just ahead of the water sets.  Since the remaining sheep
in my flock were kept in pastures, collecting it was impractical.  But on
the basis of the orchard experience, I'd guess it is useable as is.  When
in doubt, use it as a nitrogen source in a managed compost heap.
>Since we've been talking about manure, I have a couple of questions.  I
>have a small flock of sheep and a herd of six rabbits plus varying
>numbers of bunny offspring (18 right now).  Lots of organic material.  I
>have the ability to even separate out that raunchy rabbit urine- someone
>I know says you can make a dillute tea with it to fertilize plants.  I'm
>new at all this; any suggestions for getting the most benefit from these
>manures?  Thanks.
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