Re: [tomato] USDA--off topic

margaret lauterbach (
Tue, 09 Mar 1999 08:38:28 -0700

At 08:26 AM 3/9/99 EST, you wrote:
>While we're off the subject, has anyone been following the country's largest
>true class-action suit by the black farmers against the USDA?  The settlement
>was pitiful, but the worst part about it to me was the gross arrogance that
>allowed white USDA employees to openly taunt and wave a hanging noose at
>applicants for USDA funds.  That arrogance and racism are still so bad!
>Yesterday in our town a white athletic coach waved a chain at a black
>and asked if he wanted to go for a ride--a reference to Jasper, Texas.  Sigh.
>Linda Kuczwanski
That's despicable behavior.  the coach ought to be fired immediately.
What's the class-action suit against the USDA about?  I haven't heard of
it.  No wonder Hewlett-Packard is sponsoring a diversity-increasing seminar
in Boise.  Margaret