RE: [tomato] San Antonio soils. (
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 14:54:53 -0500

Jan wrote:
Yes, we have sand....lots of it....I guess it is because we are just a few
miles south of San Antonio..towards Poteet (The Strawberry Capitol for the
other people on this list...and they grow some great ones!)....So I am not
on the Balcones Escarpment...

(Catharine hits self on head!) Argh, I completely forgot to look South! You
do have sand (and you're close to

And yeup, I would bet the Medina is the reason. Any geologists on the list?

To not to have to clear realize that you are in heaven <grin>.
My mother (the original garden addict) curses her rocks in Fredericksburg:
she has 1.5" of alkaline clay topsoil over 600 feet of solid granite.
Digging for *anything* there (like wells, etc.) calls for sacrificing a goat
and praying a lot.