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Hi everyone, haven't seen any posts for a few everybody on
vacation?  Is the tomato discussion group still active?

Has anyone used the "automator" mulcher/feeder device?  It's that black
square which fits over the tomato seedling and protects it from cut worms,
weeds, keeps the ground moist and allows water/fertilizer to go deeper down
to the roots.  "They" claim larger yields.  Just curious if anyone tested

My verticle planters for my sweet 100 cherry tomatoes are doing good.
They're full of green fruit.  The ones in the raised garden are building a
jungle...thank goodness tomatoes turn red when ripe (most of them).....I'd
never find them.  People kid me and tell me that I'm preparing for the Y2k
bug.  Well, I;m going to learn how to philipsophy is:  If you're probably won't happen.  That's why I went out and bought
expensive easy to install hurricane shutters for my home.  Many of my
friends laughed.....but I hope I never get the last laugh.

Tried some Jiffy Mix, god, the suggestions to soak that stuff in water
overnight was not a joke.  I used some to transplant seedlings and I didn't
soak it first....stuff just wouldn't drain water through.  I hope it doesn't
continue this way and gets better over time.  Jiffy is the only one that
gave me this problem.  Transplanted some FLORIDA PETITE, TUMBLER &
MICRO-TOM.  I'm having fun, seeing what does good so I can do some serious
gardening next season.  Took some large self watering containers and put
them along my chain link fence.  Planted some yard long pole beans (oriental
variety, natch)  and some more  Santa grape tomatoes in another container.
The water sprinklers can reach them so I hope that will take care of them.
The pole beans should climb up and out over the chain link fence.....I
thought it would be an easy way to "extend" my raised garden.  In another
large self watering container, I transplanted some seedlings for SUN Gold
Cherries,  Santa Grape tomato, & one pepperoncini plant.  Put it in the
screened in area of my pool.  I like to swim and relax looking at my growing

Well, I don't want to bore you guys anymore.....let's see more posts....

Peter, Zone 10, South Florida
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Subject: [tomato] While my tomatoes are growing.....I went to butterfly

>Yesterday I took my family to Butterfly World in Coconut Creek, Florida.
>They have a huge aviary filled with thousands of beautiful butterflies of
>the world.  They recreated a rainforest with beautiful exotic plants and
>trees, and it even "rains" every once in awhile like in a real rainforest.
>The butterflies are used to seeing people and very often land on someone's
>head or shoulder to rest.  There are waterfalls and even hummingbirds!  I
>saw a few hummingbirds while visiting Texas, but not so close that I could
>see all the beautiful shimmering colors.  They are certainly graceful and
>fly like little helicopters.  They have many benches to sit on so you can
>relax and reflect upon the beauty.
>To me, the highlight of the day for myself and my children was the Lories &
>Lorikeet exhibit.  You go into a caged area, and dozens of Lories &
>Lorikeets are flying around and playing with each other.  Lories are very
>friendly with people and they too will land on your head or arms.  They're
>little beggars because for a buck you can buy a small ounce of nectar and
>the birds will land all over you to drink from your cup.  It is quite a
>thrill to see these friendly beautiful birds land and crawl all over you.
>My son, who just turned 4 had a thrill as the birds landed on his head and
>arms.  I videotaped the whole thing and now we have terrific memories.  The
>Lories and Lorikeets are similar except for size.  Lories like parrots, and
>Lorikeets smaller, but bigger than parakeets.  They are so
>little puppies.  They wrestle with each other on the ground.  One will get
>on its back while the other one tries to pin him down.  Such personality!
>MAKES ME WANT TO GO RIGHT OUT AND BUY SOME!  I understand that they go for
>around $350 each, at least that's what the caretaker said.  Because of
>personality, it would seem to me that you should buy at least two so they
>can play with each other.
>The caretaker said to build an enclosure that will keep out snakes, rats &
>raccoons.  Anybody out there have any experience with them?  After going to
>Butterfly World, you wish you could put an aviary net around your whole
>property and raise your own butterflies & hummingbirds, and protect them
>from predators.  AAAHHH   WELLLLL!   .........I can always dream......can't
>Peter, Zone 10, South Florida
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