Re: [tomato] Creating your own heirlooms?

Orchid (
Tue, 30 Mar 1999 21:36:13 -0500

I was tongue in cheek about the fireflies, but wasn't there a big uproar
over scientists successfully gene spliced a gene from a fish, like salmon,
with a tomato? Consumer groups were upset because people who were allergic
to one kind of food, might not know that they may have an allergic reaction
because of mixed species?  They either wanted this practice to stop, or
better labeling in markets to warn consumers.  Did this tomato ever come to
market?  Come on, somebody tell me they've heard of this before.....

Pete, Zone 10, South Florida
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>>>ey, what about gene splicing and the news story I read awhile ago about
>splicing the genes of a salmon into a tomato, so that it stays fresher
>longer, or ships better or whatever?  And what about radiated produce?
>Hey, how about splicing the genes from a lightning bug with a tomato,
>irridate the seeds, then we can pick them at night without a flashlight?<<
>Migawd, Pete.  I HOPE you are totally tongue in cheek!