[tomato] Re: Red Savina Habanero Pepper

Celeste or Dave Anderson (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 19:00:52 +0000

> Chuck,
> The reason I asked about Caspian Pink is that rumor has it one of the seed
> catalogs this year is selling a pepper that comes with the caveat--"Do not
> save this seed.  It is patented, and you will face a fine of $X if you
> replant it."  I have yet to find this catalog or pepper.

I'll wade into this one too. The Red Savina Habanero is listed in the 
Guinness record book as the world's hottest pepper. It was found as a 
sport in the Habanero fields of GNS spices in California by Frank 
Garcia, the owner. It is the first pepper variety to be PVP patented. 
There is no restriction on saving seeds for your own use, but you 
cannot sell the seeds to others.

The exclusive mail order rights for 1999 belong to Shepherds Garden 
Seeds and the exclusive retail garden center rights belong to 
Shepherds Garden Seeds and N-K Seed Company. N-K packages seeds under 
many names including the "Better Homes and Gardens" label which is 
sold by Wal-Mart. I was fortunate enough to visit the N-K plant in 
Chattanooga this year. When they're running at full speed in the 
summer, they can package 800,000 packets of seeds per day.

Frank has also patented a thick-walled orange habanero called 
Francesca. I believe it is in Shepherds catalog and at their website.

Again there are no restrictions on saving seeds for your own use and 
it is an open pollinated variety.

I made a proposal to GNS asking for internet rights to the seeds, but 
the exclusive contracts don't expire until next year. I'm hoping to 
add them to my arsenal then. I presently have small packets of Red 
Savina and Apple Smoked Red Savina ground chiles for sale. They were 
grown and dried by a friend of mine who grows several acres of Chiles 
in Indiana.


Dave Anderson
Tough Love Chile Co.
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