Re: [tomato] Re Caspian Pink

Celeste or Dave Anderson (
Fri, 2 Apr 1999 12:14:40 +0000

> I did request seeds from you but later, when I got the ballyhoo letter you
> just published, I smelled a rat.  I don't necessarily think you are
> anything but an unwitting conduit.  How do you know what this seed is? 
> Have you personally grown it out as have most of us who offer heirlooms?  I
> know the stuff is associated with Shumway and that's enough to turn me off.

The letter that was sent with the seeds was not the information which 
I published. The information which I published was from a separate 
press release. Since it obviously makes you unhappy Chuck, I'm going 
to give out some more information on Caspian Pink:

"Caspian Pink has been grown side by side with the heirloom variety 
Brandywine in our California trials for three straight years. Each 
year as visitors got through the trials with Seminis people, they are 
asked to taste and compare both varieties. A strong majority of those 
visitors have said they prefer the taste of Caspian Pink over 
Brandywine. Most absolutlely love Caspian Pink, and some swear that 
no other tomato variety measures up to this one for perfect balanced 
taste. Is it the best? You'll have to be the judge of that. However 
the odds are 99.9% that you'll think it's among the best tasting 
tomatoes you have ever grown."

Your attempt to make me some sort of unwitting dupe for your world 
wide conspiracy theories is laughable. I think that your problem 
actually is jealousy that some one found a better tomato than the 
stuff you grow. To top it off, it's not even a hybrid, so you can't 
rant about that.

> I just can't be sure.  Too many of us have spent too much time and effort
> in resurrecting the heirlooms to take chances.  We know that eventually
> there will be an attempt to infest our seed and ythis type of promotion
> could very well be just that.

I just received the wholesale catalog for 1999 from Seminis. It has 
38 open pollinated varieties including both Brandywine and Caspian 

The most positive thing about your message Chuck, is that several 
more people contacted me and asked for Caspian Pink seeds. I'm just 
sorry that so many others rely on your oftentimes poorly thought out 

Dave Anderson
Tough Love Chile Co.