Re: [tomato] Re Caspian Pink

ChuckWyatt/Md/Z7 (
Fri, 2 Apr 1999 17:16:37 -0500

>>Your attempt to make me some sort of unwitting dupe for your world 
wide conspiracy theories is laughable.<<

The following quote indicates the reason for my suspicion.  I, for one,
won't take chances.   Hope Shand, Research Director of RAFI.

 >>  "We weren't surprised to learn that Monsanto is
behind the bill, because the company is already waging a ferocious
campaign against seed-saving farmers and it's actively developing the
controversial suicide seeds - or Terminator technology," said Shand.
Terminator is a technique for genetically altering a plant so that the
seeds it produces are sterile.  Plants cross pollinated by those possessing
the terminator gene may also be affected.<<   Now you try to give some seed
away and urge us all to try it.  Hmmmm.  In addition, you suggest we grow
it right beside Brndywine where it would have the best chance of crossing
with Brandywine.

I am remended of the scene from "The Taming of the Shrew" when the subject
trollop is proclaiming her virtue to the rooftops.  Two gentlemen overhear
and one remarks to the other, "Methinks the maiden doth protest too much." 
If you were not so vociferous and strident with your claims, I might give
them more than cursory consideration.

I have seen too many "Great Discoveries" to be overly concerned by one
more.  I know you like to get your pepper business in a prominent position
so this will be the last you hear from me.  I'll bet you answer this anyhow
and include your pepper info.  Don't expect to hear from me. This a TOMATO

Chuck Wyatt