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Thomas Giannou (
Sun, 4 Apr 1999 20:47:36 -0700

Kudzu is a plant.  You cut the plant and compost it.  Then you have kudzu
compost.  If you live in a place like I do, there isn't any kudzu growing
around here.  So, I guess you might have to have someone bale up some for
you eh?  In some places, it's thought of as a weed.

Thomas Giannou
Spokane, Washington

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>What is Kudzu compost, and where do you get it?
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>>He pinches all suckers, but leaves 18 main branches and trains them up the
>>outside of the cages (6- 5' cages stacked vertically!) He also gets 342
>>pounds of tomato's per plant. By the way, he swears by kudzu compost.
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>>> I'm intrigued!  How does he pinch those suckers?