[tomato] Taking advice...and other things..

Jan and John Taylor (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Tue, 13 Apr 1999 20:33:51 -0500

Took the advice of many and purchased drip irrigation system kits from
Home Depot.

The reason I am sending this message is that I was quite pleased with
the price!

40 foot hose w/fittings (all kinds of fittings...) in a 'kit' for $4.99
per kit. I purchased 3 (60 feet) and may go get another box or two..but
I think between that 60 feet and a soaker hose a neighbor gave me last
year I will be all fixed up.

The company who made this particular 'cheap' brand  is DIG Corporation,
out of San Marcos California...Don't know if Home Depot is a national
chain or regional....

Also, had a BIG surprise when I was cleaning out a large area along the
fence line for more garden space....was pulling and digging weeds (yeah,
just had the Roundup discussion...I needed to do this 'hands on'...great
stress reliever...LOL!!)...

And found a volunteer tomatoe had come up from last year's garden! Not
only that, but it is already about 14 inches high....there were a quite
a few weeds peeking through the fence from the pasture next to our yard
area, so it was hidden pretty well...or I just didn't pay attention....

Moral of this story is that tomatoe plants must be pretty hardy to have
survived in that mess....

Now to see if that plant makes tomatoes..it has blooms but was a
hybrid...(Have Heirlooms this year!)..

Have a good week,
Jan Taylor
San Antonio, Texas